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Ultimate Linings is an industry leader in providing long lasting coatings solutions with superior quality, application technology, and technical support. We are committed to supplying advanced products that solve our customers’ problems in an ever changing and challenging market place. Whether it is an industrial, OEM, or a retail bed liner application…Ultimate Linings has the right material and support.

Ultimate Linings Best| Industrial Coatings| Protective Coatings|Automotive Coatings
Ultimate Linings industrial product formulations offer solutions for abrasion resistance, water proof coatings, blast resistance,hazardous materials containment energy, ballistic armor, chemical resistance, floor coatings, energy efficient insulation, structural reinforcement,Protective Coatings, corrosion resistance, fire retardant and thermal barrier coatings.
Ultimate Linings Best| Industrial Coatings| Protective Coatings|Automotive CoatingsUltimate Linings elastomer technology polyurea coatings have been specifically formulated for the advanced Protective and Specialty Coatings Contractor. Our product line is designed around the professional applicator that has field installation experience and all the required surface preparation and application equipment. Unlike other liner manufacturers that started with one product Ultimate Linings has a full array of coating systems engineered for use under the most extreme conditions. With years of chemical and application experience, we understand that no single product can do it all.

Ultimate coatings are easy to apply and are durable environmental barriers under the toughest of conditions and provide resistance to inorganic bases, acids, alkaline materials and hydrocarbon solvents.Our vehicular and pedestrian decks, industrial flooring and wall systems are specifically formulated to withstand heavy traffic in the most critical areas. These seamless, elastomeric and water resistant systems can prevent the deterioration of concrete and rusting of the reinforcing steel rebars. They have an extended open time to broadcast granules for an anti-slip surface and are flexible and responsive to expansion and contraction. Polyurea is resistant to many fuels and chemicals. It is commonly used in fuel pits and pipeline secondary containment. Polyurea is not resistant to all chemicals and necessary compatibility tests and surface preparation are always required.


Ultimate Linings was founded on serving the Automotive coatings Industry’s need for high quality bed liner material. Working through local spray shops, Ultimate Linings has grown year over year to be one of the largest industry provides across the United States and beyond. Today, Ultimate Linings offers a wide range of bed liner chemical options as well as varied application methods.No matter the size of the operation, we have a solution to fit your business. Ultimate Linings Best Automotive Coating Ultimate Linings sprayed-on elastomeric polyurethane, polyurea and hybrid solutions are 100% solids, VOC free and designed for reducing maintenance costs and maximize return on investment. Our coatings can be sprayed onto virtually any type of equipment and substrate material, regardless of penetrations or shape, whether new or already in-service. Our history and reputation prove that we can we take linings to the extreme limits of endurance with applications in the most rigorous environments such as: wheeled vehicles, commercial/ specialty vehicles, fire/EMS/ambulance, heavy equipment, vans/Trailers and mass transit. Our application friendly products have a very high tolerance for extreme atmospheric conditions. The highly advanced high pressure formula has the highest amount of reactive polyurea to eliminate foaming during high humidity and high temperature weather. With several chemical formulas available, we have the right solution for your needs.

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