Train Like Kobe in Glendale, Queens

Fusionetics is a human performance system that combines sports science, clinical application and cutting edge technology, to help athletes at every level.  Over the past decade, Fusionetics has been implemented by over 15 different NBA teams; as well as UFC, baseball, football and soccer athletes. 

After NBA legend Kobe Bryant suffered his season ending Achilles tear, he started to use the Fusionetics System in his training.

“The Fusionetics System has been highly beneficial for me throughout the last four or five years by making sure my body is in complete alignment,” Bryant told the LA Daily News. “They’ve removed the guess work from the procedure. Things are very measured.” said the NBA legend.

If joints and muscles are not balanced properly, over-compensation injuries occur, and that is why the Fusionetics system emphasizes on maintaining his entire body,” said Glendale Fitness Professional,  Jasiyah Bey.

Bey, a well-known trainer with his own gym on Central Avenue in Glendale, founded Unified Sports Performance in order to train elite and every-day athletes. He has implemented the Fusionetics System in the regimen of all of his clients.

“After all, we are all athletes… regardless of the level of activity you sign your body up for,”  said Coach Bey.

Your body does not care what level of athlete you are. Your body doesn’t care how well you shot the basketball, how far you hit the baseball, or if you won the game.

Your body only cares about the strength of your muscles, the flexibility of your joints, the fuel that you ingest, and the synchronization of your body functioning during physical activity and every day tasks. 

You start by taking a human performance test, where your movement will be analyzed and graded. Muscle imbalances and lack of flexibility will be assessed, and then a custom program will be designed to improve your flexibility, strength, balance, and function.

“Whether you’re getting ready for the upcoming basketball season, preparing your body to run in a marathon, looking to relieve your achy lower back and legs, or want to stay fit and strong for the weekend beach trips, Unified Sports Performance will implement the proven Fusionetics system into your training,”  said Bey.

If you plan to train once per week, or 5 times per week, the fundamentals of the Fusionetic System will make your workouts efficient, effective., and help you build a strong body that will not break down. 

“Coach Bey and the Fusionetics System have been highly beneficial to our basketball and baseball athletes at Martin Luther School in Maspeth,” said Coach Jon Kablack.

Call Coach Bey at (347) 987-4867, or head to Unified Sports Performance Training, located at 67-15 Central Ave in Glendale, Queens for a movement efficiency test. 

The test is only $60, and includes a whole body analysis, and a custom workout plan for your body.

The Fusionetics movement efficiency test will tell you which muscles are tight, where you need to stretch the most, what you need to strengthen, and which workouts to perform on which days. 

It is your training manual to own. You can access it online as well. No more guessing which workouts you need to do. Fusionetics tells you how to get stronger, how to look better, how to be efficient in the gym.

Coach Bey is also starting the USPT FIT League in August. This Fit League is a group training session that takes place once per week. The league / group training session will implement the Fusionetics System. The league is $97 per month, which comes out to less than $25 per session. Talk about a great investment…

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