The New York City & Long Island One Call Center Now Known As DigNet

NEW YORK – September 1, 2009 – DigNet of New York City & Long Island, a non-profit organization that notifies operators of underground facilities of planned digging activity, announced today that it has changed its name. Formerly known as The New York City & Long Island One Call Center, DigNet is also unveiling a new logo and Web site address to better support its mission of educating excavators and homeowners of the importance of dialing 811 or 1-800-272-4480 before beginning any digging projects.

DigNet can now be found online at, and will soon unveil a new and improved Web site featuring detailed descriptions of all of DigNet’s services as well as information on safe digging practices and expanded resources for excavators and homeowners. Excavators are able to submit digging notifications and organizations are also able to request educational presentations from DigNet through the site.

“We’re hoping our new name and logo will be more recognizable, leading more people to remember to practice safe digging on their properties or job sites,” said Roger Sampson, president of the board of directors, DigNet. “Most importantly, we want everyone to understand that it is necessary to call DigNet anytime you dig, or else you run the risk of causing costly and hazardous damage to the underground lines in your area.”

Any work that requires mechanized excavation should merit a call to DigNet at least two working days before digging begins, including both professional construction projects as well as home renovation projects including installation of mailboxes, fences or swimming pools; landscaping and tree planting.

DigNet operates under the laws of New York State and Code 753 which is enforced by the Public Service Commission (PSC), all of which requires excavators to notify their local one call center prior to beginning any digging on a site. Failure to do so is punishable by fine. New York homeowners are not required by law to inform a one call center before digging on their property; however excavators performing work on the property of a homeowner are required to do so.

Even though not required by state law, DigNet still encourages homeowners to call the one call center before digging on their properties due to the safety concerns. Accidents involving underground lines may result in service interruptions for area residents, leakage of dangerous materials into soil as well as injury and even death to workers. Homeowners are also encouraged to confirm that their hired excavators have performed their necessary duties under the law and notified the one call center of the proposed excavation.

About DigNet of New York City & Long Island
DigNet of New York City & Long Island (formerly The New York City & Long Island One Call Center), is a member-funded, non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of underground facilities from damage due to excavation and demolition. DigNet’s services include receiving notices of intent to perform excavation and demolition and transmitting them to its members in the specified dig area within the five boroughs of New York and the two counties of Long Island. Upon receipt of the planned excavation notification, members including utility companies and other operators of underground facilities must properly mark their underground facilities to minimize the risk of damage and injury. Located in Queens, DigNet accepts requests 24/7 and is easily contacted by dialing either 811 or 1-800-272-4480. For more information, please visit

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