Happy 50th! 50 States in 25 Days!!

Dear Glendale Register –

When my Dad Pat turned 50 (Glendale born and raised, a St. Pancras boy in his youth), he decided that in order to celebrate it in a special way, he would take us (my Mom, me, and my brother and sister) on a cross-country trip to check out each of the 50 states. The Great American Drive we’ve called it, and we are hitting 50 states in just 25 days (and will be back just in time for school!) We are somewhere around New Mexico right now, and if you want, you can check out our travels, photos, etc at pverrone.wordpress.com. Collecting postcards, state pens, stuffed animals, etc has really been quite an adventure, but I guess it’s something we’ll always remember, especially because this is the most we’ve ever been together all of us! My Dad’s usually pretty easy to spot, mostly because he’s always got some kind of METS stuff on, Queens boy that he is! Okay, thanks for listening, and hopefully, you will check us out on pverrone.wordpress.com. We loved our time in NYC and that marked, fittingly enough the half-way point. Almost home now!

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