A week devoted to Dining Astoria

To celebrate the array of culture, delicious foods and dining experiences in Astoria, the Central Astoria Local Development Corporation (CALDC) will host “Dining Astoria” week from June 24 through 30.
Hundreds of restaurants will participate, offering prie-fixe menus, discounts and specials throughout the week.
A preliminary list compiled by CALDC includes Adriatic, Middle Eastern, South American, East and Western European, Asian, African, American and Continental restaurants, taverns, diners and ethnic fast food outlets.
At an unrelated event, Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. said Dining Astoria will spread awareness to the few people who may not already know that Astoria is the food capital of the city.
“I ‘Dine Astoria’ just about every day of my life,” Vallone said. “Few are still unaware of the food in Astoria, but for those who maybe just moved to New York City, they should know that not only can you get any kind of food imaginable in Astoria, it’s also the best tasting.”
Vallone added that eating in Astoria involves a whole experience, from dining in the ethnic holes-in-the-walls to lounging in the outdoor cafe’s along 30th Avenue.
“It’s an entire nice experience and this is going to get even more people to be aware of it,” he said.
Teresa Power, an Astoria resident who lives near 30th Avenue, said she also prefers to eat in her own neighborhood.
“I love it here, we eat here all the time,” she said.
Power said she prefers to eat along 30th Avenue because she can sit outside, but that Astoria as a whole has such good food because of its cultural diversity.
“There’s always people outside, which I love,” she said. “There’s such a mix of so many people.”
For more information on Dining Astoria, visit CentralAstoria.org.

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