Former RGMVM Prez Takes Plea Deal

By Matthew Fischetti |


Mike Rizzo, the former president of the Ridgewood Glendale Middle Village Maspeth Little League took a plea deal, the Glendale Register has learned.

On July 6, Rizzo pleaded guilty to petit larceny and was forced to pay restitution of $24,000. After showing receipts totalling over $11,600, Rizzo said he has since paid the difference of $12,400.

Rizzo was originally charged last year with third-degree grand larceny for allegedly stealing $31,000 worth of funds from the league’s coffers.

“I just wanted it to end and I was tired of going back and forth,” Rizzo said in an interview with the Glendale Register, still maintaining his innocence and saying that the legal costs were a factor.

Rizzo also denied having any formal input currently on the league and only offers advice if people ask.

“But you know, we don’t have a lot of people so they always ask me, what do we do now? But I don’t have any involvement other than watch my grandkids play ball, you know?”

As the Glendale Register has previously reported, the 2022 charter was put on hold due to Rizzo’s involvement with the league while facing his charges.

“Being that your league is not currently chartered for 2022 season, please be aware we do not recognize you [Rizzo] as the President of the league and are confirming at this time that you are not permitted to hold any volunteer position within the league such as board member, officer, manager/coach or any other active volunteer role until the conclusion of the investigation, dismissal, dropped or cleared of any and all charges currently against yourself specific to this matter,” a previous email from Little League exclusively obtained by the Glendale Register read.

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