Project America: Glendale Residents Unite in Patriotic Display


In a stirring show of solidarity and patriotism, Glendale residents have come together to launch “Project America,” a community-driven initiative aimed at displaying unwavering support for the nation during challenging times. Spearheaded by Kathy Masi, a  Glendale resident and Head of the Glendale Civic Association, the project saw the installation of 40 American flags in the upper Glendale area in Late May. 

“The intention was just to basically enforce our support for the country during such terrible times,” Masi said. 

The endeavor, however, wasn’t a solo effort. Masi emphasized the collaborative nature of the project, crediting community members for their enthusiastic participation.

Despite logistical challenges, such as pole availability, the success of this year’s initiative has inspired ambitions for future expansions, embodying a spirit of unity and patriotism in Glendale. Courtesy of Kathy Masi.

“It started as maybe we can do this, and one thing led to another,” Masi explained. 

From ribbons adorning poles to the involvement of local businesses and individuals like Walter Charles and John Carroll, the project evolved into a testament to community spirit and unity.

While this year marked the inaugural installment of Project America, Masi expressed hopes of making it a recurring tradition. 

“We’d like to do it every year,” she stated optimistically. 

The success of this year’s endeavor has inspired ambitions for future expansions, potentially encompassing broader areas of Glendale. However, logistical challenges, such as the availability of suitable poles, may necessitate careful planning and resource allocation.

Masi highlighted the collaborative effort of community members and expressed hopes of making the project a yearly tradition. Courtesy of Kathy Masi.

For Masi and her fellow community members, the significance of Project America extends beyond mere decoration.

“The purpose is just to let everyone know that we have a true feeling of patriotism here, even though the country is going through such a rough time,” Masi said.

As the flags flutter proudly in the breeze, they serve as a poignant reminder of the enduring spirit of unity and patriotism that defines Glendale. In a world beset by challenges, Project America stands as a beacon of hope and solidarity, illuminating the path forward with the vibrant colors of the nation’s flag.