Develop Briarwood
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Dear Editor,

It was certainly exhilarating to hear of the landlord's sale of the property at Flagship restaurant in Briarwood for demolition and construction of new residential co-ops and commercial space.

I would also like to see Pickman, owners of the lots on 84th Drive and Queens Boulevard in Briarwood, sell that large corner property to developers for a new residential and commercial building to replace the old, dirty, and smelly stores presently domiciled.

I might also say that what would have been better at the former HSBC site on Main Street and Queens Boulevard is a TD Bank, not the coming Concord Drugs, which is presently on the 84th Drive. There is already Manson Drugs on the block, and their reputation for professionalism is well-known.

And develop the Briarwood Mall, presently the Mall of Balls. Who designed this monstrosity?


Joseph N. Manago


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Fellow Briarwoodian
August 17, 2016
Well... The Flagship Diner has been a landmark for over 50 years, serving the community as more than just a mere diner. It is a deeply, well established social meeting place for Briarwoodians, business people, and Briarwood Residents and people from Queens far and wide, for good food, and a comforting, safe meeting place with COMFORT food, a great and friendly owner who I know personally to be caring and involved in neighborhood affairs (He belongs to BAN.. never mind that.. his intentions are good).

I have to disagree with you on this!

My first point (landmark), although a diner is hard to visualize as a landmark, is in fact a valid one. Putting up a structure that increases there population of an already burgeoning population with too many people with access to too few services and business is a big mistake. AT this point we have no idea what white rock has in mind for the flashiest. I for one ,want to see the Flashship stand as the proud boat of comfort food that she supplies to our shaky community. I hope that you can see my point.

As for your other points, Pickman Realty breaks their own rules concerning criminal activity which violates their rental lease and I am on the same page as you.

In addition, I agree that the Queens Blvd. Middle Meridian Mall of Bllas is a travesty of architectural taste and quite frankly, using the word "mall" for a mere structural divider of the old and venerated Queens Blvd. is horrible. I too live right in the neighbor and I must say you're right on the money.

Obama .
August 20, 2016
I'm surprised that Concord thinks they can pay the rent on that prime location, maybe they will be open 24/7. Well the mall with Balls. At least there's a place to sit rest and take in the views. No place else to sit on the Blvd. Balls are better than no balls. Let's not go that route.