Sprinkle of Fun bringing the party to Upper Glendale
by Alexandra Torres
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Kimberly Hickey (left) and Dena Chimienti with children at Megyn's birthday party.
Kimberly Hickey (left) and Dena Chimienti with children at Megyn's birthday party.
A Sprinkle of Fun is not only catching eyes, but bringing fun to Glendale one kiddie shindig at a time.

Founded in October 2011, A Sprinkle of Fun, located at 79-05 Myrtle Avenue, switched owners in September 2012 when Glendale-bred cousins Kimberly Hickey and Dena Chimienti purchased the business.

It was the realization of their dream to co-own a business that combined their love of children.

"[We were] always just like 'oh, how great would it be if we owned a business together,'" said Chimienti. "We enjoy being around kids and doing parties, and with this it's both of them put together."

A Sprinkle of Fun offers a variety of packages to please kids from ages one to 12.

During the Plaster Party ($350 for 12 children), guests paint a plaster piece of their choice, including Buzz Lightyear, Tinkerbell, Batman and others. Girls get dolled up during the Makeup Party ($400 for 12 children), while the boys are entertained with crafts and tattooing.

Theme Parties ($400 for 12 children) incorporate the child's selected theme and provide sand art. All packages include pizza and juice, cupcake decorating or sundae building, dancing, games and goodie bags.

The party place has lived up to expectations, and is bringing some excitement to Myrtle Avenue in Upper Glendale. The only problem is that partygoers are having more than a “sprinkle” of fun.

"It was great, great, great, and I liked painting the craft," said five-year-old Jack after a recent party.

Julia, 11, enjoyed playing hot potato at a makeup-themed party. "When the music stopped, if we had the potato, we had to put on costume pieces like hats, leis and bead necklaces," she said. "It was really fun, and we were all giggling."

The parents of Megyn, 5, are grateful that A Sprinkle of Fun saved their daughter's birthday, which was almost ruined due to Superstorm Sandy. Staying in a hotel after their home was damaged, Kimberly Hartman received the news from a friend that the owners of A Sprinkle of Fun wanted to donate a party to Megyn.

"She's shy and she's quiet, but [she had] the biggest smile that you could imagine, so she really realized it was for her," Hartman said, recollecting how surprised her daughter was when they pulled up to the place.

For the adults it was an emotional reunion of relatives from Roxbury and Breezy Point, who hadn't seen each other since many of them had been displaced after Sandy. "We were all able to get together for the entire afternoon, and it's because of these people at A Sprinkle of Fun," said Pat Lighthall, Megyn's grandmother.

Chimienti and Hickey's relatives helped with kid's activities and providing the adults with lunch. "It was their family helping our family," said Hartman. "It was just very heartfelt, very touching, very generous [for them] to do that, to open their doors to her."

"It felt good, because I still got presents," Megyn said.

A Sprinkle of Fun also offers other events, so that Glendale's young residents can have more activities to do close to home.

During 30-minute painting sessions ($8), budding artists paint a plaster piece while a movie plays. Open painting is on Tuesday through Friday from noon to 5 p.m., Saturday from 11a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday noon to 4 p.m.

New to A Sprinkle of Fun's lineup are Tuesday guitar lessons (6 to 7 p.m.) and movie nights ($10) on the last Friday of every month. From 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., guests paint, watch a movie, and eat popcorn while lounging in pajamas.

Chimienti and Hickey are glad to see so many children enjoying themselves and opening up. "They’re really comfortable here, they’re not shy," Hickey said. "A few of them walk in and they say two words. Within five minutes they’re your best friends.”

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