"Sunny Days and Sleepless Nights": A Brooklyn author born in Italy tells his story through his poems...
by Milano52
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Tiziano Thomas Dossena’s collection of award-winning selected poetry is titled “Sunny Days and Sleepless Night.” The author, born in Milan, Italy, spent his high school (John Jay H.S.) and college years in New York, in the Carroll Gardens section of Brooklyn, graduating from Kingsborough C. College (Math) and Queens College (Italian). He furthered studied Medicine  at the Università degli Studi of Milan, completing then two more degrees in the States (Environmental Control Technology at the New York Technical College and Environmental Studies at Purchase College). A Renaissance man par excellence, the poet has written two other books, hundreds of articles on Arts, classical music and cultural roots and is the director of OperaMyLove magazine.
LindaAnn Loschiavo in the preface declares that: 

“His verse sets a bar for openness, frankness, and vulnerability few lives could ever match. In his work, the surprise of his “confessional life” is the one lived off the page, refracted through decades of his sorrowful, pensive, but vivid lines…. Dossena’s work has always been uncompromisingly frontal, a face-forward presentation of himself, simultaneously scrutinizing and vulnerable, writing that often contains the mutual reliance of spontaneity, confession, and calculation. Many of his poems are chronicles of various barriers first anxiously feared but then crossed, and of the spiritual, physical, and sensual pleasures and pains that would inevitably follow. His realities on the page are a series of crossed thresholds as a lover, a friend, a father, a Roman Catholic…”

Most of the poems present in this book were written either in Brooklyn or Milan in the 1972-1983 years, and there are a few geographical references to prove it,
Marianna Randazzo, Director of Education of the Garibaldi-Meucci Museum in Staten Island commented on this poetry collection:  

“In his book of poetry, Tiziano Dossena encourages the love of poetry, especially for those not accustomed to such short but poignant collections of raw emotion, subtlety and sensitivity.

With his bilingual, parallel text, side by side, it is the perfect tool for students of the Italian language or those wishing to master English.
Tiziano has managed to translate his poetry flawlessly from both English to Italian and Italian to English. He is clearly versed and fluent in each language as each interpretation flows as only a native speaker could express himself.
I find this collection of poetry to be an excellent supplement for my Italian students as it gives the learner an opportunity to appreciate the eclectic collection of poems and practice the various nuances of the language."

On Bridge Puglia USA Magazine, the critic Giulia Poli DiSanto states that.

“…it must be said that

Dossena’s poetry is founded on the humanity of the poet, with lines enlivened by the delicate presence of the female. Love is sung, desired and perhaps brought about and meant as the permanent yeast of the cosmos, and offers to the reader a lively play of light and shade.

Right from the first lines, in Sunny days, the poet highlights his familiarity with poetic codes, since “first of all poetry, if it is such, seduces by means of the music of its words”, as Ungaretti said. And it is from this starting-point that Dossena’s poetic expression makes his claim to the ways of the heart and the poetic validity of the feeling that we find throughout the work, from the first line to the last.

The lovely illustrations of the young artist Francesca Malara interpret the poetic thought, and complete the work validly."

The critic Marina Agostinacchio, on her article appeared on L’Idea Magazine (a Brooklyn magazine for over 40 years which is now mainly online), declares that: 

"The author proves in this book his maturity; he is Ulysses who has sailed across the seas, never feeling tiredness. Ulysses (who is) able to savor life, to accept the limits, to be thirsty of the knowledge of human actions so as to ‘read inside himself’ with wisdom, and cross the boundaries, the Pillars of Hercules, without falling into the abyss."


“Sunny Days and Sleepless Night” is a book by a poet who has never forgotten his roots in Brooklyn, which should be read, discussed and shared



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