How to perform a malware scan
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 How to perform a malware scan
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If you are among many of the victims on whose computer system malicious software has attacked, you must then probably be in a situation to determine as to give a malware scan to your PC.  Although, there is a manual system which involves the detection and removal of the malware but it is recommended that you adopt the solution in which an anti-spyware and an anti-viral program is being used for cleaning purposes. This way is considered as the best, fastest and the easiest way to detect and get rid of those files which are infected and ultimately pose a threat to the security of the system.

Functioning of the anti-malware software

The programming database of the softwares includes a variety of virus definitions which include adwares, spywares, worms, Trojan horses, keyloggers and many other possible infections. Those systems which have a high exposure to the Internet should compulsorily have this protection shield in it because these systems have the higher ratio of getting attacked by the different forms of viruses present in the web world. Moreover, regular upgradation of the softwares is also required as the development and spreading of new threats are always there because of which the updating of the anti-malware software with the latest definitions is recommended. You can also set it to automatic scanning status so that it automatically scans up your system in case you forget to do so.

Where to find one?

Anti-malwares and other protecting softwares can be easily obtained and downloaded from the Internet. Many websites are offering these softwares so that every person secures his/her system from such damages provided by the harmful attacks of outside forces. Buying protective software is the ultimate solution as it not only scans out your system for the spywares and other creepers but it also keeps an eye on the future protection of the PC. Other tools such as acting as a firewall and blocking up of the popups are essential tools of this software and blocks external access thereby, preventing their party to steal personal information.

Now that you have got rid of the malwares on your system, it is time you should adopt some security steps in order to prevent the loss of data and information you faced at the first attack.

•    Create a backup for all your files and documents. Viruses have special features which damage the system files beyond repair. Make sure a backup status is always present with you so that you do not get to completely lose important files in case the system files get corrupt.

•    Activate the firewall setting as running. Firewall is tha basic protecting wall of your PC. Make sure that the internal firewall is running and if it is not activated, it can be done via the Windows Security Center.

•    Provide regular updates of latest security patches. Still most of the people are using Windows OS. For this reason many malicious types of software are designed to attack Windows system. Always update your security level whenever they are available from Microsoft.

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