The Workers’ Compensation Has Ruled Against You—What Are Your Options?
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 Pyrros Serres
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by Pyrros & Serres LLP , Workers Compensation Attorneys

Workers Compensation Attorneys in New York

You were hurt on the job and filed a legitimate claim, but the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board has decided the claim in favor of your employer? You feel strongly that the decision was wrong. What can you do?

First, it’s important to understand that there are avenues by which you (or your employer) can appeal the decisions of the New York Workers’ Compensation Board. Your first recourse after the denial of a claim is to submit a written appeal to the commissioners of the Workers’ Compensation Board, stating specific reasons why you believe the judge incorrectly decided your case. You can cite legal, medical or factual errors, but you must file the written notice within 30 days of receipt of the judge’s decision (You’ll find a date stamped at the bottom of the notice you received from the Workers’ Compensation Board—that’s the date that matters).

The commissioners will review your case and issue an opinion, either agreeing with the Workers’ Compensation Board or finding merit in your claims. If you receive an unfavorable ruling from the commissioners, your next avenue of appeal is to ask for a full board review (by all of the commissioners).

At the same time, you can file an appeal with appellate division of the state of New York for the 3rd Department. This is a court system that oversees the state’s Workers’ Compensation process.

The Workers’ Compensation Board Ruled Against Me—What Are My Options?

Experienced Workers Compensation Attorneys in New York

At Pyrros & Serres LLP, we handle all matters related to workers’ compensation and Social Security disability claims for people in Queens and across the greater New York City metropolitan area. Because of our reputation for effective advocacy, many of our new clients come to us as referrals from clients and other lawyers.

To learn more about the full scope of our practice, see our practice area overview page.

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Pedro Valdez Rivera
May 20, 2016
There is still the need for better communication between the MTA and the DOT, as well as the general public and small businesses.
Heroes Basketball League pictures week of May 16 to May 20
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Updated Heroes Youth Basketball League Schedule May 23 - June 2, 2016
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If there is rain AND the games are rained out it will be clearly stated here at 5PM on the day of the game AND the headline on this post will say that games are canceled. It will be the first story in the SPORTS SECTION tab of the Queens Ledger web site. It will be obvious. If nothing is here and then show up to the game. After 5PM the referees and both coaches decide on whether the game will be postponed while at the park. If there is the threat of rain or it is drizzling, the games will not be canceled. Rainouts are decided at 5PM. It will typically NOT be posted until 5PM on the day. Knee coverings must be worn by all players. Games are Mondays through Thursdays only, until playoffs, June 20th - at which time Fridays may be used. Teams should arrive for games 15 minutes in advance of start time. Remember 6 fouls until you foul out. Game summaries will appear in the Queens Ledger Weekly Newspapers and related websites every week through the championship games. Championship games are planned for an indoor gym on or before June 29th. This year there are dozens of pictures on this web site in the weekly 'game summary articles.' / May 23 - June 2 / Boys 17 and Under MON 5/23 Crazed Dogs Spartans Frontera 1 5:45 TUE 5/24 BCAC Phenom Crowley 1 5:45 TUE 5/24 BCAC Crazed Dogs Crowley 1 6:45 TUE 5/24 Nationwide Jellyfam Frontera 1 5:45 TUE 5/24 Royal Renovations Flushing Frontera 1 7:45 WED 5/25 Spartans Phenom Crowley 1 5:45 WED 5/25 MDV Bullets Flushing Crowley 1 6:45 WED 5/25 Nationwide Team DAB Crowley 2 *new time (now) 5:45 THU 5/26 Jellyfam MDV Bullets Frontera 1 5:45 TUE 5/31 BCAC MDV Bullets Frontea 1 5:45 TUE 5/31 BCAC Spartans Frontera 1 6:45 TUE 5/31 Royal Renovations Crazed Dogs Frontera 2 5:45 TUE 5/31 Royal Renovations Jellyfam Frontera 2 6:45 WED 6/1 Nationwide Crazed Dogs Crowley 1 7:45 WED 6/1 Team DAB Spartans Crowley 2 5:45 WED 6/1 Flushing Phenom Crowley 2 6:45 / Boys 14 and Under MON 5/23 IHM Jokers Frontera 1 6:45 TUE 5/24 Paint Folks Tranquility Frontera 1 6:45 WED 5/25 Paint Folks Jokers Crowley 2 6:45 WED 5/25 Hoop Dreams Shift Team Crowley 2 7:45 THU 5/26 Tranquility Jokers Frontera 1 6:45 TUE 5/31 Tranquility Navillus Crowley 1 5:45 TUE 5/31 Shift Team IHM Crowley 1 6:45 WED 6/1 Shift Team Navillus Crowley 1 5:45 WED 6/1 Paint Folks Hoop Dreams Crowley 1 6:45 WED 6/1 Hoop Dreams Jokers Crowley 2 7:45 THU 6/2 Jokers Navillus Frontera 1 6:45 THU 6/2 Tranquility IHM Frontera 1 7:45 / Boys 12 and Under MON 5/23 Queens Finest Holy trinity Frontera 2 5:45 MON 5/23 Professional Mort IHM Frontera 2 6:45 TUE 5/24 Professional Mort NY Future Frontera 2 **BACK TO** 6:45 TUE 5/24 Veterans IHM Frontera 2 7:45 THU 5/26 *** Queens Finest Veterans Frontera 2 5:45 THU 5/26 Positive Auto ihm Ftontera 2 6:45 THU 5/26 **(new team) Queens FINEST vs. IHM Frontera 2 7:45 TUE 5/31 Veterans Professional Mort Crowley 2 5:45 TEU 5/31 Holy Trinity NY Future Crowley 2 6:45 WED 6/1 IHM NY Future Frontera 2 6:45 THU 6/2 Positive Auto Queens Finest Frontera 2 5:45 THU 6/2 Positive Auto Professional Mort Frontera 2 6:45 / / OLD SCHEDULE - Already Played Games BOYS 17 and UNDER / MON 5/9 Royal Renovations Spartans Crowley 1 6:45 MON 5/9 Crazed Dogs MDV Bullets Frontera 1 5:45 TUE 5/10 Nationwide Clean Phenom NYC Crowley 1 6:45 TUE 5/10 BCAC Shamrocks Royal Renovations Frontera 1 5:45 TUE 5/10 BCAC Shamrocks Team DAB Frontera 1 6:45 WED 5/11 Jellyfam Flushing Express Frontera 1 5:45 WED 5/11 Spartans Nationwide Clean Frontera 1 6:45 THU 5/12 Jellyfam Crazed Dogs Frontera 1 5:45 THU 5/12 Team DAB Royal Renovations Frontera 1 6:45 TUE 5/17 BCAC Shamrocks Nationwide Clean Crowley 1 5:45 TUE 5/17 BCAC Shamrocks Flushing Express Crowley 1 6:45 TUE 5/17 Phenom NYC Royal Renovations Frontera 1 5:45 TUE 5/17 Team DAB MDV Bullets Frontera 1 6:45 WED 5/18 Jellyfam Phenom NYC Crowley 1 5:45 WED 5/18 Flushing Express Crazed Dogs Crowley 1 6:45 WED 5/18 Spartans MDV Bullets Crowley 2 5:45 THU 5/19 Jellyfam Team DAB Crowley 2 5:45 THU 5/19 Royal Renovations Nationwide Clean Crowley 2 6:45 / BOYS 14 and UNDER / MON 5/9 Tranquility Shift Team Crowley 1 5:45 TUE 5/10 Shift Team *Navillus Crowley 1 5:45 WED 5/11 Navillus *JOKERS Frontera 2 5:45 WED 5/11 Hoop Dreams IHM Frontera 2 6:45 MON 5/16 Hoop Dreams Tranquility Crowley 2 5:45 MON 5/16 IHM Navillus Crowley 2 6:45 TUE 5/17 IHM Paint Folks Crowley 2 6:45 WED 5/18 Navillus Hoop Dreams Frontera 1 5:45 WED 5/18 SHIFT TEAM JOKERS Crowley 2 6:45 / BOYS 12 and UNDER / MON 5/9 Positive Auto Leasing Holy Trinity Frontera 1 6:45 MON 5/9 Queens Finest IHM Frontera 2 6:45 TUE 5/10 NY Future IHM Frontera 2 6:45 THU 5/12 Veterans Worldwide Queens Finest Frontera 2 5:45 THU 5/12 Professional Mortgage Solutions Positive Auto Leasing Frontera 2 6:45 MON 5/16 Queens Finest Positive Auto Leasing Crowley 1 5:45 MON 5/16 IHM Holy Trinity Crowley 1 6:45 WED 5/18 Holy Trinity NY Future Frontera 1 6:45 WED 5/18 Veterans Worldwide Professional Mortgage Solutions Frontera 2 6:45 THU 5/19 Veterans Worldwide Holy Trinity Crowley 1 5:45 THU 5/19 Professional Mortgage Solutions Queens Finest Crowley 1 6:45 * Crowley Park is on 57 Avenue at 83 St. in Elmhurst Frontera Park is on 69Street at the Eastbound Service Road of the Long Island Expressway in Maspeth. Juniper Valley Park Playground is at 74 St on Juniper Blvd. South in Middle Village. * * * League Sponsors listed below are awarding league members and coaches wonderful offers...... * Arby's on Metropolitan Avenue in Middle Village. Try our new King's Hawaiian Roast Beef Sandwiches. New House Made Chips and some cool new flavors of shakes. go: Arbys is donating a free meal to one player of the game for each team..... Selected by the coach - given out at coaches meeting * Slide Bar-B-Q's elite food makes it a popular Maspeth destination. BBQ food, wings, sliders and a large beer selection. Heroes participants get %10 off of their meal (mention "Heroes Basketball" - dine-in only). They deliver to most parts of Queens. 52-75 65th Pl. Maspeth (718) 565-0565" - Also donating a $10 gift certificate to a "Player of the Game" every game on Wednesdays, selected by referees. Also a "Player of the Week in each division who gets a $20 gift certificate to Slide BBQ. * Msgr. McClancy High School & Summer Basketball and Baseball Camps for Boys & Girls. A co-ed Catholic High School in the tradition of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. Baseball, Basketball and Soccer Camp for Boys. Softball, Soccer, Volleyball and Basketball for Girls. Donating 6 FREE weeks of summer basketball camperships - selected from the two teams in the Championship games ​* Martin Luther School - A co-ed school in Maspeth serving grades 6 through 12. 60-02 Maspeth Avenue - 718-894-4000. Donating 4 FREE campership weeks - summer of 2016 - selected from the two teams in Championship games * ​The Queensboro Chapter of UNICO - The largest Italian American Service Organization in the United States - Comprised of more than 60 business people from Brooklyn & Queens with one of its primary goals to establish Italian American Study Programs in Universities.
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