Dry Harbor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Enhances State of the Art Cardio-Pulmonary Rehab Program
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As the number of baby boomers entering into their twilight years continues to rise, the need for high-quality nursing home and rehabilitative care is also increasing. One local facility meeting that need is the Dry Harbor Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center. Conveniently located in Middle Village, the center is an award winning facility of which community members should be aware. Dry Harbor has been in operation for more than thirty years, providing both short and long-term care to seniors and others in need of round-the-clock care outside of the intense environment of a hospital. The facility is divided into major departments including Rehabilitation, Nursing Care, Medical, Social Services, and Nutrition; all of these departments work together to provide comprehensive and individualized care for each of their residents. Crucial to receiving the best care possible is the delivery of continuity of care, something that in this day and age is sometimes forsaken in favor of cost savings. Dry Harbor believes that, especially for the unique population seeking their services, continuity of care is critical to attaining positive outcomes for its patients. Consistent with Dry Harbor’s dedication to providing the best care possible to its residents, the facility has recently upgraded its Cardio-Pulmonary Rehab Program to a state-of-the-art full-service department. They added a group of specialists on a full-time basis, including a Cardiologist, a Pulmonologist, and a specialist in Infectious Disease. This team of doctors are all under the supervision of Dry Harbor’s Medical Director, Vincent Rappa, MD, who, together with the Chief Cardiologist, is dedicated to creating an excellent Cardio-Pulmonary program at Dry Harbor. As Dr. Rappa said about the latest advances in the cardio-pulmonary program at Dry Harbor, “I am very excited not only about the improved care Dry Harbor will provide for its cardio-pulmonary patients, but also for the new reality in which we can achieve optimum goals for all our patients.” Prior to this upgrade, Dry Harbor had already established success with its cardio-pulmonary program, reducing the number of hospital re-admissions among the participants in the program. Since the program functions as a team, it is easier to evaluate each patient’s specific needs. As a patient is admitted, Dry Harbor’s medical staff conducts a complete review of what medications are being taken, keeping an eye open to possible drug interactions that could be causing problems for the patient. In addition, the facility is able to offer a full program of IV therapies which can make a huge difference in the residents’ quality of life and ability to stay in the facility rather than returning to the hospital for frequent procedures. Patients Nancy F. and Carole M. explain how they feel about Dry Harbor: “Your concern for your patients is your number one priority. A high recommendation is in order for Dry Harbor. We have visited other facilities in past years with friends and family, and none of them compare to your facility. Seeing is believing.” Dry Harbor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is located at 61-35 Dry Harbor Road in Middle Village and can be reached at 718-565-4200.
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Minor Repairs and Improvements that Make all the Difference in Queens
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 Queens Home Team
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George Herrera Keller Williams_HEADSHOT_ROUND   by George Herrera, Realtor & Co-Owner of the Queens Home Team at Keller Williams Realty.



Whenever we meet with Homeowners who are thinking of selling, we usually give them some homework before putting their property on the market. Reason why is because there are always little things that can be done in order to show the home in it’s best light. We don’t typically recommend expensive renovations but we do make very affordable suggestions that make all the difference when we start showing. The difference in the offers you’ll get if you make these small repairs can be anywhere from $10,000, $20,000, even more depending on the neighborhood. Suffice to say that these small investments have a very good return on investment, especially if you are selling a long time Family home that has a lot of wear and tear. With that said, below is a list of the most common repairs, improvements, and homework that we give to our new Seller clients before hitting the market:

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1. Take up Carpets


If you know Queens then you know that most people like wood floors. Being that most homes were built a long time ago, chances are that your house has wood floors as well. So, if you have carpeting in your home or apartment, take it up. You don’t even need to refinish the floors, just showcase the wood and it will show much much better.

2. Cracks on Walls

A lot of the homes we sell in Queens have settlement cracks throughout the home. This is nothing to be alarmed about, and it is actually very common, however, for a first time home buyer, this can look scary and lead them into thinking something is wrong (or will be) with the house. You can eliminate this concern by simply touching up these small areas.

3. Fresh Coat of Paint


This is an old adage, and you probably have already heard the benefits of throwing a fresh coat of paint on your home. We as Queens Realtors, have seen this first hand, and we can say without a doubt that homes with a fresh coat of neautral color paint can go a really long way! It’s not that expensive so the return is definitely there, and best of all, it makes the home show much much better than it would with old worn out paint. Even if the property needs work, a fresh coat of paint will make it look less daunting for potential buyers.

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4. Lighting

Before you list or sell your home, you definitely want to make sure all of your light bulbs are working, and more importantly, make sure you have enough lighting all throughout the house. We sell a lot of properties that are very dark & dim when we see them for the first time. This may be okay when you’re living there, but truth is that buyers like bright homes. What we typically do is tell our clients to replace non-working light bulbs and buy cheap lamps for areas of the home that need more lighting. This make all the difference once we start showing, and it actually makes the property look even bigger!

5. Sand & Paint Old Damage Areas

When we tour homes (specifically older ones) we tend to see spots on walls and ceilings where it is obvious that some damage has occurred. These spots have usually been repaired, however, when a buyer sees it they will not take your word for it. Buyers will make a big deal about things like this, and their inspector will most likely not be any help. So, what we typically advise our clients is to bring in a handyman who will shave the area down and repaint it so that it is not noticeable. You can have one handyman go through and take care of all old damage areas and once complete, the walls and ceilings will look much more turnkey which leaves a buyer worry more about cosmetic repairs.

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6. De-Clutter, De-Clutter, De-Clutter


If you’re selling an older home (which is usually the case), chances are that you or your tenants have accumulated lots of stuff over the years. As a result, the house is probably cluttered and does not portray the actual amount of living space that is offered in your property. We almost always tell our clients to throw out unnecessary items, start boxing things up for the move, and hire a clean out company to get rid of larger items that don’t add to the house’s appeal. This one is so important, and we see again and again that it works to get better offers much quicker. The truth is that we live in New York City and as a result, space is a premium. A good job of de-cluttering can showcase another 100-200 sq ft, and in Queens, that is HUGE. Sometimes we give our clients homework, and we come back for the photo session, it looks like a completely different house! Always results in more buyers and higher offers…

For help, tips, or recommendations in getting your property prepared for the big sale, feel free to reach out to us anytime. We have a great list of trusted vendors from Handymen, Clean-out Companies, Painters, etc…


Blog & Site courtesy of George & Abigail Herrera with the Queens Home Team at Keller Williams Realty Landmark II.

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