5 Ways Writers Can Do to Avoid the Copying Temptation
by DawnSew
 Hopeless Dreaming
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As we are all inclined to writing, and in these times of financial mishaps, it is hard not to ignore writing jobs as those can provide a decent source of income.  However, this does not mean that jotting down words is an easy task that can be done in a heartbeat.  It is not all in the mind, it is also in the hand that actually does the writing.  If all else fails, some writers turn to copying an existing content and claim it as their own.

This is a sad case but nevertheless happens among the majority.  Fortunately, there are remedies that can be done to ease the temptation of copying.  Some are not easy, but have to be done:

  1. Read and read. This is just to get ideas or inspiration, to say the least. By reading, new concepts and ideas can get into one's mind and these concepts can be converted to innovated and fresh ideas for immediate and future writing activities. Word of caution, though, make sure that what you read is for inspiration purposes only.
  2. Sleep and sleep well.  Sleeping is not just enough.  One has to sleep well, in other words, sleep for at eight hours.  This is not so practical right now as all have many things to do even during the night.  But there has to be effort at least as sleeping calms the mind and relaxes the body.
  3. Make time to relax and not think of what you will write.  One of the best ways to avoid temptation is to get away. Go somewhere where are there no internet connection or anything that will remind you of what you are going to write. In short, make a quick getaway.
  4. Socialize. Nothing beats temptation but mingling around with both people you know and those you don't. Making acquaintances is a sure-fire way to beat the blues.  It helps one take away that “copying” feeling.  Your social life is important too. One cannot be an effective writer if one does not travel and mingle.
  5. Eat heartily and merrily. Indulge yourself in the food that you have always been craving for. However, just make sure to not over-eat as you might suffer from indigestion or any digestive problems.

All of these tactics all sum up to one thought. That is to divert one attention from writing. These are easier said than done, but then again, better take the shot.

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