The enemy is us
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Dear Editor,

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed issues and vulnerabilities that threaten our nation’s health and wealth.

Recent declassified documents and emails do not reflect the objectives of elected representatives, but of persons who have conspired to create a bigger, more intrusive and more powerful government and acted against our wishes in order to stay in power.

There is compelling evidence that it is happening now right before our very eyes.

Our elected representatives are not in management positions. There are no qualifications or skills required because it is not a “job.” They are representatives for us and are hired to advocate for what we want done, not what they want.

We mistakenly refer to them as “officials” and “leaders.” They are not “authorities” and have no power over anyone, yet their dictates have infringed on our privacy and decimated our economy.

We didn't vote them into office "do a job" that requires skills. We use our vote to choose someone who will represent us and press for what we want. If they don't do that, vote them out and replace them.

History informs us that the re-election rate among all 435 members of the House of Representatives has been as high as 98 percent in modern history, and it's rarely dipped below 90 percent.

These are people who have saddled us with a $24 trillion debt, waged the longest war in American history, mismanaged health care, and failed to enforce immigration laws. Walt Kelly identifies our conundrum: “We have seen the enemy and it is us.”


Ed Konecnik


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