Serious informative information that needs to be discussed. Retail Stores
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 Retail stores are going to keep closing their businesses
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Stores closing faster and faster
Stores closing faster and faster

Serious informative information that needs to be discussed.

In case you are not aware drive down Myrtle Avenue, from Fresh Pond Road, to Forest Avenue. What you will see there is almost 14 stores closed down.

Why Higher rent requests and store owners can't make the business to pay all the bills.

Now the same is going on on Metropolitan Avenue, from 69 st. to 80 street. Middle Village Landlords are forever asking for more rents when the lease is up forcing places to consider closing down for good.

Six  stores on Metropolitan Avenue are currently closed. More will follow soon. There are a half dozen stores/businesses just making it monthly. Now the lease needs to be renewed, the Landlord wants more rent.

Landlords do not want steady tenants like years ago.

They just want more and more money even if they loose their tenant.

Greed and these are people who collect rents on many more other buildings and apartments.

And naturally their mentality is if they want to sell, they want above and beyond the current Market Price.

If these old timers die off maybe their children will be more business like to their tenants. Otherwise you will see a ghost town of stores on the Avenue.

Banks closing down, Nail Salons closing down, Subway Franchise closed down, Fish store closed down, Bridal store closed down, Insurance company closed down, and all because of chronic rent increases by Landlords.

Even on Myrtle Avenue near McDonalds, a store was empty, then rented, then 1 year later empty, now rented again.

Some Landlords do not belong owning buildings. They treat people nasty, they list their store with 5 Realtors at the same time, the same with their apartments to.

There is no human manners of conducting business any longer.

No respect and this is why they have a constant turnaround in apartments, and stores.

It is about time this is said publicly and make it known to everyone.


Interview with Jim Turano/Broker-Diverse Real Estate


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