Pols appeal to USPS for Glendale zip
by Kathleen Lees
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Congressman Bob Turner and Assemblyman Mike Miller are renewing their call on the United State Postal Service to give Glendale its own zip code.

The pair filed a formal appeal with the USPS headquarters in Washington, D.C., challenging the USPS Triboro District’s recent decision to deny the Queens neighborhood a unique zip code.

The letter states that while the USPS did make modifications to include Glendale as a preferred community name for the area, it did not provide a separate zip code for the area.

Assemblyman Mike Miller’s chief of staff, Nick Roloson, said because the population in Glendale is equivalent to what would normally be two zip code areas, mail can be lost, and mail services are late and often disrupted for residents.

“There is absolutely no reason for the USPS to deny Glendale its own unique zip code,” said Turner in a press release. “There have been incidents of spoiled medication, mail going undelivered, not to mention the issue of community pride, much of which can be attributed to duplicate addresses under an extremely overused zip.”

Turner and Miller are pushing for the USPS to assign the vacant, adjoining 11384 zip code to Glendale. Currently, the 11385 zip code shared by Glendale and Ridgewood has a population nearly double the Queens average.

According to the 2010 census, the 11385 zip code has a population of 98,592, in stark contrast to the Queens zip code average population of 54,408.
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