Corn Removal Surgery
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A corn is an unsightly localized lesion of hard thickened skin that is typically found over a pressure point. A corn is caused by the rubbing of a bone against your soft tissue causing skin to thicken and harden forming what is referred to as a corn. Conservative treatment of corns consists of shaving thickened skin, shoe modification and treatment with custom orthotics. Surgical options for corn treatment typically involve modifying the bone causing the pressure point under the corn. All symptoms and potential procedural/surgical options should always be discussed with your podiatrist after a thorough consultation and examination for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. There are two different types of corns: soft and hard. Depending on the type of corn, its location as well what is causing it to form, your foot doctor in NYC will suggest a procedure to correct it.

Hard Corns

Hard corns are dry and often have a hard core. These become incredibly painful often feeling as though a rock is in your shoe. If you have a hard corn, the best NYC podiatrist’s suggest surgery if:

  • Non-invasive treatments don’t work
  • The corn has become painful
  • The corn is due to a bone issue that needs to be corrected

A corn always has some biomechanical imbalance causing its presentation and your foot doctor must correct the underlying deformity for successful resolution of the skin lesion. For example, a corn on a pinky toe is often due to a hammer toe rubbing against a shoe. Thus the best podiatrist in NYC would correct the hammer toe in addition to excising the corn.

Your Foot doctor in NYC will discuss what is necessary to provide a long term solution to your painful corn and answer any questions you may have.

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