A Chance to Reset Our Priorities
by Craig Schwab
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During this worldwide timeout and with the fears and anxiety of many people at a fever pitch, we need to applaud random acts of kindness. We need to celebrate the many people we take for granted during normal times.

Our healthcare workers, police force, firefighters, and EMS workers are at the forefront of helping those in need. Our mail carriers continue to deliver, supermarkets and delicatessens remain open, and people are asking our elderly neighbors if they need anything.

The phrase “we are all in this together” has never represented a call for unity with such purpose. The time required to remain calm has never been tested on such a large scale for all people.

The pettiness, for the most part, has been put on hiatus. It is our chance to shine like never before.

Within the context of these times, there are incidents which both scare and caution us about everyday activities. Social media has never been called upon to unite us in ways beneficial to our everyday lives.

Families everywhere are experiencing what it means to be together. The togetherness, in the past, was always based on a preordained timeline.

The unknown length of time we need to abide by the restrictions placed upon us all can be difficult. We are not a society who welcomes confinement.

While there are many stories related to people helping others, we can display random acts of kindness for one another in our homes. The television is not the only outlet for keeping one another entertained.

There are board games collecting dust in our closets. There are conversations to be had with all members of the family, opening up a dialogue unlike any we have had before. The time to discover one another in new ways has never been more possible.

Daily numbers related to the escalation of people infected is frightening. It needs to be emphasized over and over that if you and your family follow the guidelines and prevention methods, there’s very little chance of becoming sick.

Questions will abound when we return to work and our daily lives. One important lesson may be the awareness of how complacent we were before this began. We are being given an opportunity to understand our priorities.

The usual topics of discussion are gone by the wayside. The sports world is at a standstill. Reports of how people are handling everyday life has become the focus of the media.

The rich and famous are being taught what it means to be like the rest of us. They are realizing there’s nothing special about the cars they drive, the clothes they wear or where they eat their meals.

What we can take away from this time at home depends on what most people know to be true. When it is all over, the American people will choose how they viewed this time in our history. The truth will dictate our future needs.

Time will be the measurement by which we can evaluate this period in our shared history. We should be hopeful that we do not return to our daily lives without thinking of our family, friends and neighbors in a new light. Negativity and criticisms serve very little purpose now. Kindness and understanding is our go-to weapon of choice.

Craig Schwab is an author and resident of Glendale.
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